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Bob Mabena’s Grandmother Succumbs To COVID-19

Bob Mabena's Grandmother Succumbs To COVID-19

Bob Mabena’s Grandmother Succumbs To COVID-19.

As the number of infections in the country continue to increase, the coronavirus is getting closer and closer and slowly becoming a reality for most South Africans, especially those who are yet to take the virus seriously.

Almost everyday, social media users share their experiences with the virus and nurses tend to make people aware of the impact it has, hoping it will open their eyes.

Radio veteran Bob Mabena is one of many people who want people to be aware of the severity of the virus.
He has opened up about how his late grandmother contracted the virus and later succumbed to it.

Consoling a tweep who lost their 54 year old mom to the virus, Bob recounts how he also lost his grandma. He explained that she contracted the virus in hospital when she went in for a lung infection. Unfortunately he said that three days later she died.

He concluded by saying the “hospitals are not ready.”


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