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Boity Dragged For Her ‘Bible Is The Epitome Of Patriarchy’ Tweets

Boity Dragged For Her 'Bible Is The Epitome Of Patriarchy' Tweets

Boity Dragged For Her ‘Bible Is The Epitome Of Patriarchy’ Tweets.

Boity has gotten herself into a heated debate with her followers after expressing her beliefs when it comes to Christianity and the Bible.
The Ba Kae rapper said that her reason for not believing in the bible was the lack of representation of women and how it does not resonate with her journey.

“Lack of female voices and representation especially in the Bible. Also, the journey didn’t fill up the void in my soul the way I was brought up to believe it would,” she tweeted.

She also pointed out how she had studied the bible and the whole religion thoroughly and still felt it was biased towards women.

“You telling me that book was a record of years of people’s Holy encounters and they barely got 10 nyana WOMEN to talk about their moments with Jesus? Gurl, bye,” she wrote.

Boity had received her calling as a traditional healer and had said in numerous interviews how she still attends church as well as practice as a sangoma.

However her stance on Christianity has changed and her fans who are religious people called her out on her beliefs.

“Look man, I’ve gone through the religious journey. Went to church. I read the book. Found little to no form of representation in there. Not race, barely gender, not a name, not much. I was left with more questions than connection. And then I found my way. Each to their own,” she closed the debate.

Here are some of her tweets:

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